Trash Bin

Why use 805 Pressure Washing for your trash bin cleaning?

Curb appeal doesn’t just mean landscaping anymore!

With 805 Pressure Washing you can refresh your home from the roof to the driveway, but why stop there?

Pesky smells from the trash, green waste and recycle bins now can be remedied with our eco-friendly bin cleaning services.

We may live in a disposable society, but unfortunately, the health risks associated with our trash will linger even after the trash is picked up. The trash bins you wheel to the curbside weekly have become the most unhygienic items in the home. While the nasty odor of a dirty trash can is difficult to ignore, health risks pose the greatest threat. 

So what are the benefits of trash bin cleaning?



Americans put everything in our trash cans, from food waste to fecal-contaminated matter. The plastic trash cans that we roll to the curbside each week have definitely made trash storage and disposal easier, but they have become the most unhygienic item in the home and workplace. Harmful germs, bacteria, and molds remain even after bins are emptied. In addition to an offensive odor, dirty trash cans attract unwanted pests and are a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitos, ants, and flies.


How do you clean your trash bins without using gallons of water, and then how do you dispose of the contaminated water? Several states have implemented a law that prevents this bacteria-loaded water from entering storm drains. Even if the runoff could be contained, hosing down the trash can uses gallons of water and does not sanitize nor adequately clean the can. The solution to this problem is using us to clean trash cans for you. Helping the environment is another of the benefits of trash can cleaning!


Throwing away old food and used diapers can infect your trash can with germs and diseases such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E-Coli. Using our trash bin cleaning service not only cleans your trash bins, but also  sanitizes them, killing these germs and help keep you and your family safe.

5 reasons to clean your trash bins.

01. Eliminates maggots

All that trash blended together with older bacterial remains is bound to attract flies. Taken separately, flies are already a nuisance that can flood into your home or garage. But these disgusting insects lay eggs in trash cans that emit strong odors. When you fail to clean your trash can, a layer of moist organic material emerges in the container. This slimy film is a perfect nest for flies to procreate. Our garbage can cleaning service completely eliminates maggots.

02. Prevent wildlife encounters

Coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons are not often seen but are lurking in the neighborhood at night. Many of these animals are attracted to the smell of trash. A garbage can cleaning service is a a guaranteed way to make sure there are no surprises when you flip open the lid of your bin. When you have new bags in a clean trash can, there usually won’t be any definitive odors that would cross the minimum threshold to create interest, but the remnants of old trash linger in the air surrounding your can. When you live close to wildlife areas, regularly cleaning your trash can is essential for keeping wild animals out.

03. Mitigates rodents

Rodents are constantly looking for snacks. All the smells from your trash cans entice the hungry creatures to migrate toward your house. Rodents can cause issues not only with infesting your food stores and trash cans but are also an electrical hazard. Using a garbage can cleaning service will surely rid you of these pesky rodents. Even if you have no food items in your trash can, the scent from the older remains attracts mice and rats. In addition to causing inconvenience, rodents carry a wide range of health risks, inclusding Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever (RBF), Roundworm, and Salmonellosis.

04. Combat bad odors

A sizable portion of the trash we throw away emanates unpleasant odors. Disposable diapers and rotting food scraps are the usual suspects here. Although you throw this waste away, some odor-causing chemicals stay inside the can. The problem with foul odors isn’t just about pinching your nose when opening the trash can lid—some of these smells attract pests, which pose potentially serious health risks.

05. Remove bacteria

Dirty trash cans provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. These germs are far from the beneficial kind of strains that you’d find in yogurt or cheese. Instead, the depths of your trash can harbor harmful bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella. Only a thorough cleaning can get rid of these germs. When you let the bacteria colonies reproduce and expand, the chance of you or your family getting sick increases significantly.

Clean, sanitized, odor-free trash bins are just a call or click away.